I am pleased to share that DasBlog has been upgraded to support .NET 8!

It has been busy few weeks so it took me a while to get going on this task. However, the upgrade process process itself was simple and painless. It still somehow surprises me that a piece of software originally developed for Windows on the very first version of .NET is so easily upgraded and now supports all major OSes.

You may have also noticed that I skipped a few version numbers and we are in sync with the .NET LTS major version number. It just feels tidier somehow.

Here are a list of the very latest changes included in v8:

Implements static pages - You can now upload static html pages to your content/static folder and then navigate to those pages by file name (without the extension).

Define a hero image (with help from Copilot) – The main image of a blog post is implicitly defined as the first image found in HTML, we changed this to be more explicit. If you update the class name to contain “hero-image” it will be explicitly identified as the main post image.

Simplify the site initialization process - The assumption is that upon first deployment the site will start up without a root URL defined. You can now login and define the root URL through the web page. Some functions will still not work so this should still be the first thing you do.

For more details please check out the release notes here. Enjoy!

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