Using Disassembly Tool for optimized debugging

Tagged in Diagnostics Visual Studio

I recently blogged over at the Visual Studio site on the topic of the Disassembly tool ...

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Collecting dumps anywhere with dotnet-monitor

Tagged in Debugging Diagnostics

One of the amazing things about .NET Core is that it runs almost everywhere! This ...

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Find the address of an object in Visual Studio

Tagged in Debugging Diagnostics Visual Studio

So a couple of posts back I was attempting to show how you could get the address of an ...

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First pull request

Tagged in DasBlog Core

I love seeing first time pull requests on the DasBlog Core repo! I have just seen a ...

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How much memory does this object use?

Tagged in Debugging Diagnostics Visual Studio

I saw a really intriguing request from a customer who was trying to find someway to look ...

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Creating convincing bugs for your demo code

Tagged in .NET Core Programming

Have you ever seen a killer demo that fizzles at the end because the root cause is a ...

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wrk for benchmarking and testing

Tagged in Linux Performance

If like me you installed a Linux Distro on Windows 10 and then just did nothing with it, ...

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POWERful Devs Opening Keynote

Tagged in ASP.NET

Scott Guthrie (EVP, who previously owned ASP.NET) and Maria Naggaga (who currently owns ...

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Hitting breakpoints steals focus

Tagged in Visual Studio

There are a lot of useful features in Visual Studio, but you often do not know what you ...

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