My name is Mark Downie, I have spent over 20 years engineering solutions for customers. I worked as a technical lead in the field of software engineering and development, with expertise in financial services, healthcare and manufacturing industries. I have over 15 years experience mentoring and developing international, multi-disciplined groups (more background info here).

I am currently working for a Microsoft as a Program Manager, spending my days building debugging and diagnostics tooling for Visual Studio and Azure. I also serve as the primary maintainer for one of the oldest .NET open source projects, DasBlog Core.

The most persistent function of this site is a platform to talk about technology and software, and the various ways it can transform the lives of everyday people, I hope you find something helpful. If you feel inclined please subscribe here.

If you have general questions contact me on Twitter or GitHub.


Mark Downie leads both software engineering and product development teams, and has deep expertise in variety of sectors including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. He has more than a decade of experience in mentoring and leading diverse, international developer and production support teams. Mark is currently a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, where he develops debugging and diagnostics tools for Visual Studio, .NET, and Azure.

Mark is also passionate about open source and blogging. He is the main contributor to DasBlog Core, one of the oldest .NET open-source projects. He also writes regularly about technology and software (, and how they can impact culture and transform the lives of everyday people.

Some Media

I really enjoy talking about software, debugging and diagnostics you can better understand my process and approach by looking at these videos and podcasts. Here is a Playlist of my most recent conferences and talks on YouTube.

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