Development Process

How many years have you spent creating software no one uses?

I recently took stock of the fact that I have been designing software products and services for over twenty years. While that is indeed an awesome accomplishment I reckon I can measure in years the amount of time I have spent making software that no one currently uses.Most of this was wasted effort because the product or service are no longer useful or have been replaced by newer better versions. However, on many occasions I created the wrong product (or feature) and no one fully realized that until it was too late. I distinctly remember my very first project as a Software lead. It was an undiluted disaster!I was given a simple set of objectives and assigned a couple of devs, and after a few months we had met all the assumed requirements. It was at that point we all realized that no one ...

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Visual Studio
Visual Studio 2019 Launch Event

The release date for Visual Studio 2019 is set for April 2nd at 9AM PST! This figures to be a unique event and so I would encourage you to go to the website for more information. There will be a keynote, live streamed sessions, not to mention the local events going on ...

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Dump Analysis
WinDbg and the Time Travel Debugger

WinDbg underwent a significant change a few years ago, and as I much as I love the tool, I missed the change because the most important updates were only available from the Windows Store (using Project Centennial). This was a problem for me as the enterprise team from ...

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Does our tech industry need more humanities?

Some variation of this question has been bouncing around for many years and I think it is a question worth exploring. I started rethinking the question because I got to see some really intriguing tech recently and as soon as the demo was over the first thing that ...

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Is Null Or White Space

So I did not know about IsNullOrWhiteSpace! Did you?I have of course been using IsNullOrEmpty for years which does exactly what you would imagine, but I was recently pulling info from a config file where I needed to account for the presence of white spaces. ...

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A Program Manager interview at Microsoft

Preparing for an interview is stressful and really difficult, on the other hand, I have also also found it to be difficult to prepare and design an interview that is fair, equitable and gets your company or team the type of candidate you need. The people involved in ...

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Cloud Services Visual Studio
Snapshot Debugger in Visual Studio Enterprise

I have been getting really familiar with the Snapshot Debugger in Visual Studio recently and I have to say it is one of the best kept secrets of Visual Studio Enterprise and Azure.The Snapshot Debugger’s mission is to allow developers to diagnose problems in their ...

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