A Program Manager interview at Microsoft

Preparing for an interview is stressful and really difficult, on the other hand, I have also also found it to be difficult to prepare and design an interview that is fair, equitable and gets your company or team the type of candidate you need. The people involved in this process are probably managers or senior engineers (in my case) and I noticed they generally rely on intuition to find the right person, often without a specific method which can then lead to you attempting to recreate whatever interview process led to your own success.Most interviews I have been involved with fall into two categories the 'pop quiz' or the 'in depth talk about your past projects and problems'. My belief is that there is a fundamental problem with both strategies. The pop quiz is intimidating in almost ...

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Cloud Services Visual Studio
Snapshot Debugger in Visual Studio Enterprise

I have been getting really familiar with the Snapshot Debugger in Visual Studio recently and I have to say it is one of the best kept secrets of Visual Studio Enterprise and Azure.The Snapshot Debugger’s mission is to allow developers to diagnose problems in their ...

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ASP.NET Core Visual Studio
Creating Web Themes with Razor Pages

One of my main ambitions for DasBlog Core was to create a flexible templating solution using Razor, this would allow a consumer of the platform to quickly make wholesale edits to the layout of their blog, and of course this would be possible without requiring a ...

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Microsoft Windows
Microsoft Interface Definition Language 3

I wrote about Windows RT some years ago without really thinking about the underlying type system design in a multi language environment. Never occurred to me how Microsoft defines the underlying structures developers will use to define their own APIs. Microsoft ...

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Garbage Collection
Why is the CPU usage so high and why do requests appear stuck?

I was reviewing a hang dump for really important service with WinDbg recently, externally it was obvious that our responses were extremely slow and just a casual look at the CPU showed it was hovering between 70 and 90%.Whenever I see sporadically slow running ...

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Hosting your ASP.NET Core app

So I wanted to document a couple of interesting points that had not occurred to me about hosting ASP.NET Core application. The reason for the disconnect, I believe, is because I have only ever known a web world that was housed within a modern IIS context. web.config ...

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Should we use SecureString in ASP.NET for handling passwords?

I got asked an interesting question about that would potentially apply to lots of products and thought it would be an interesting question to talk about here. It went like this: Most sites have a sign in mechanism that takes passwords from end users via an ASP.NET ...

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