Just read that Seagate is getting ready to release its first 1-terabyte 3.5" hard drive the first half of this year, they already were the first to the 750 gig plateau. I hate to play the 'remember when' game, but I do remember the IT department was in flap about being able to allocate a whopping 1 Terabyte of space on a SAN. It seemed like we would never have to worry about space again. Of course a few years later we really did have to worry about space. Now a mere four years later I will able to put that capacity at home (albeit without RAID), things are moving fast.

I know in the music industry the technology has reached the point where with analogue to digital converters (24 bit 192 kHz) has equaled analog devices (the human ear can only process 20 kHz). Video cards show 90 frames/sec the human eye can process about 21 frames/sec. My Gmail account is only 7% full, yet Google generously allows the capacity to keep growing, I hardly delete anything and at some point the emails will only be useful to the Google advertising engine and not to me!

With all these human limitations we still eagerly purchase bigger, faster and better. I am officially out of the rat race myself!

I am wondering what the upper limit for personal disk space will be 1 Tbyte, 2 ... what if I wanted to store every bit of digital data ... what if I never emptied my recycle bin! I think the safe bet, the secure bet is to keep unused data for about 18 months, then say goodbye!

"Be content with your lot; one cannot be first in everything." - Aesop

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