Adobe Muse (Codename)

I just downloaded and started using Adobe Muse (Codename) which for me represents the first real attempt to produce a WYSIWYG HTML design tool. I know what you are thinking, there are dozens of these tools out there. There may have been at least half a dozen from MS alone over the last few years. However, I do not believe there has been a single tool I have tried that I have not eventually given up and gone back to manipulating the HTML code directly.

If you are an avid InDesign user this is the tool for you. Do not even look at Dreamweaver … check this video out and tell me how easy creating wireframes and web design can be.

I will have you note that I have had a couple of unexplained crashes (this is beta), and also the html export feature gives the worst formatted html one could ever hope to see. However, if you plan to only work from the IDE and visual designer, I say take the good with the bad!

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