The following was a quote from earlier this year from Microsoft Azure CTO:

"Speaking of languages, it's time to halt starting any new projects in C/C++ and use Rust for those scenarios where a non-GC [garbage collected] language is required," he said. "For the sake of security and reliability, the industry should declare those languages as deprecated." - Mark Russinovich

Is he right? Probably. He certainly is not the first person to say it at Microsoft, here is excerpt from the MSRC blog circa 2019:

…the majority of vulnerabilities fixed and with a CVE assigned are caused by developers inadvertently inserting memory corruption bugs into their C and C++ code.

If only the developers could have all the memory security guarantees of languages like .NET C# combined with all the efficiencies of C++. Maybe we can: One of the most promising newer systems programming languages that satisfy those requirements is the Rust programming language originally invented by Mozilla. - Gavin Thomas, Principal Security Engineering Manager

Rust is certainly one of the most beloved programming languages and is at the center of some new newer software projects. The way we think of C++ at this point reminds me of the opening of Peter Pan (changed for my own entertainment):

“All coding languages, except one, grow up”

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