All in ones All the rage

We all saw the Ultra book trend coming, the MacBook Air saw to that, it had an 18 months lead and every hardware manufacturer was playing catch up. However, the all in ones have been around much longer and in the PC world it never really gained much popularity. However, I have recently seen all the major players begin to put out there own version. If I had my choice today it would be the HP Z1, with its 27” (diagonal) display that snaps open to let you swap out parts, no tools required.

I would also consider the newly announced Samsung series 5 and 7, first announced at Computex in June. The best looking, in my humble opinion, is the Vizio that I wrote about a few weeks ago. There is also another relative new comer in the person of MainGear PC 21, which also comes with the peace of mind of relatively straightforward hardware upgrade options.

I must admit to being stumped, I have a finite amount of money for these kinds of purchases and I am already committing to getting at least one more iOS device. I am just not sure whether to get a desktop PC or an iMac.

Please advise!

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