The Zune device is a little bigger than its iPod Video equivalent and I am told this is due to the fact that it has 'The Social' element, someone thought that wireless file sharing was a cool way to share music in a legal and limited way (3 plays for 3 Days). I love the concept but I would like to see it expanded to a much more public forum (I have had my Zune for a month and not shared anything).

For example if I am in my local Best Buy or Circuit City and a new artist has music samples they want me to here this seems to be a convenient forum for getting the music out to devices in the store. These stores have headphones littered all over where I can listen to new music in store. Surely this is the next logical step. There seems to be a lot of untapped potential here.

Also, why oh why does the Zune software not have any notion of RSS! I am forced to go get an unrelated aggregator to gather my podcast's and then go back to the Zune device to detect changes in my library and then sync the device ... too many steps! Help me out here! Allow the Zune software to be RSS aware.

ASIDE: I tried using Rss Bandit and the thing crashed constantly. After uninstalling it left artifacts in the right click menu! I was not happy. Needless to say I have gone back to FeedReader, I will also make a donation to that cause at my earliest convenience.

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