Apple, EMI announcement

The Apple\EMI press conference announcing DRM-less music is a big one, and we should all take note of whether the rest of the industry is going to follow suit. Now they are suggesting that this DRM-less music is premium content and have increased the fidelity of the files sold and will be selling them at $1.29. You can upgrade DRMed music for $0.30 a pop.

As I suggested in a previous post music with DRM needs to cost less, I was personally hoping for a greater revolt i.e. songs sold for much less than 99 cents each. With US CD sales down 20% this year the record labels will be scrambling to get a better foothold in the downloads market. I still think Pandora's box is already open and I doubt whether it will possible to control the music industry in the same way again, file sharing is just too easy!

"We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves." - Eric Hoffer

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