Apps vs Web Apps

Scott Hanselman asked an interesting question the other day, how do we know our apps are transmitting data securely? The sincere answer is that we simply do not (at least the plebian does not). This was followed a week later by an insightful post at  Coding Horror aptly named App-pocalypse Now, that addressed brilliantly what is becoming an increasingly splintered and, frankly, awful consumer app experience.

I professionally bet on the web. I found the global standards acceptable and the tools that surround and supported them impeccable. However for the consumers it was never about open standards or tools, it was always about convenience. There was a time where the two ideals overlapped and as a result most people were happy. Now the philosophical pursuit of a very narrow programming elite stands in contravention to popular operating systems, and I fear now, that those two points will never coincide again.

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