ASP.NET Community Standup - Updating Scott Hanselman's blog to .NET Core

Got invited onto the ASP.NET Community Standup this week to chat about DasBlog Core, the direct descendent of the opensource WebForms based DasBlog. The original project started somewhere around 2003 under the guidance of Clemens Vasters and I had this idea that we should resume this project using .NET Core. In an indirect way this makes DasBlog Core one of the oldest active open source projects in the .NET community.

We got a chance to talk about the history, architecture and approach to DasBlog Core along with the constraints we created to ensure DasBlog continued to actually be DasBlog. For example, there was a lot of code that simply assumed we would always be on Windows and use IIS, ultimately DasBlog Core can now run on Windows, Mac or Linux. There were Projects dedicated to managing time and time zones, each with baggage we no longer had to carry, especially in the contemporary world of ubiquitous NuGet packages.

We still have some important things to resolve but it feels like this is the end of the beginning for DasBlog Core, we have solid start, I am excited for what we might try to do next.

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