Blogging into my 11th Year

I started blogging 11 years ago today on Windows Live spaces, as I noted with my first post I had a particular aim in mind:

Humble beginnings...

I am starting this blog with one simple aim ... to increase my awareness of the .NET architecture and pass on what I learn.

I hope this helps anyone who stumbles upon it, if so share the good news.

My objective has changed somewhat over time but it is firmly entrenched in the idea that my learning is directly connected to sharing.

Not many years into it the Live space platform was torn from under me and at that moment I promised myself that I would have as much control over my content as I possibly could. I would own my domain, my information, and I would decide how to share it and how long it would exist. To that end I registered this domain name and I adopted DasBlog as my platform, the future of my blogging experience is literally in my own hands.

So as I go into this new year there may be a subtle shift and broadening of focus, I do intend to continue discussing technology and its lasting effects on all of us, especially the Windows and web stack, however, I also plan to throw in more posts related to music production and the technologies that make it possible for home studios to exist.

I hope you will stick with me!

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