Development Process (39)

High performing developer teams are all alike
Maximizing 1on1 time with your manager
Finding our new normal
Structuring discussions for Engineers and PMs
WFH assumptions based on faulty data
Balancing promises in your software
Evenly distributed talent
Feature Inception
Avoiding CLIs and getting productive
Aligning with management using OKRs
How many years have you spent creating software no one uses?
Defining a Strategy
When the answer creates more questions
Managing Software Inertia
Developing code beyond the Event Horizon
Development process as a Black box not a Black hole
Remote Pair Programming
Does your software need a superhero?
When everything is an emergency
Any Sufficiently Advanced Engineer
Read more Code than you Write
Google Driven Development
Preparing for a new job
Sprint Rules and Definitions
First time Trainer
.NET Developer Manifesto
Reading bad code is a skill
Playing The Hero
Hammers And Surgical Knives
Do Not Try and Bend the Spoon
Pillars of Object Oriented Programming
Developer Serengeti - Where do you fit in?
Reading your reviews
I am Software Engineer but maybe not a business man
Technical Bankruptcy
Software Methodologies
There has always been tech support!
Subversion - Is anyone still using VSS?
Old habits die hard!