Development Process (34)

Evenly distributed talent
Feature Inception
Avoiding CLIs and getting productive
Aligning with management using OKRs
Being a Program Manager feels more like Baseball
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Defining a Strategy
When the answer creates more questions
Managing Software Inertia
Developing code beyond the Event Horizon
Development process as a Black box not a Black hole
Remote Pair Programming
Does your software need a superhero?
When everything is an emergency
Any Sufficiently Advanced Engineer
Read more Code than you Write
Google Driven Development
Stir Trek - 2015
Preparing for a new job
Sprint Rules and Definitions
First time Trainer
.NET Developer Manifesto
Reading bad code is a skill
Playing The Hero
Hammers And Surgical Knives
Do Not Try and Bend the Spoon
Pillars of Object Oriented Programming
Developer Serengeti - Where do you fit in?
Reading your reviews
I am Software Engineer but maybe not a business man
Technical Bankruptcy
Software Methodologies
There has always been tech support!
Old habits die hard!