dasBlog (Blogging) Future

I have been using dasBlog for years now, at the time I was looking for the most flexibility possible and in hindsight I made the right choice. However, I think the friendly way to describe dasBlog development would be “feature complete” (more accurately, abandoned). So here are the things I would like to see improved:

  • Social Network Integration – Sign in and comments are just begging for Facebook or Twitter (or whatever).
  • SEO Friendly pages – Descriptions, and titles are not optimal, I would like this to be an option in the hands of the blog admin.
  • New Themes – Default themes look old, because they are old. I would like to see responsive CSS principles applied everywhere.

Having looked at the source code I am convinced I could make these changes, I just need to know if the community really needs this type of investment or would I be best served putting my energy elsewhere. Of course this does beg an even bigger question, what is the future of blogging? Either way, I am still here for now.

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