For those of you who use the Parallel Stacks window I am really happy to share there are some really important improvements to watch out for over the next few releases. In this chat with Robert Green we show off the internal preview of our changes which include:

  • New entry point to Parallel Stacks from the Call Stack window
  • New meta frames in Parallel Stacks and Call Stacks window
  • A Show External Code toggle
  • Double click on the Node header selects the entire stack
  • CTRL-C copies the Call Stacks and can be shared anywhere

Here is a link to the follow up interview on Debugging Tasks with the Parallel Stacks window.

I am loving the work Ram is doing in this space, he is adding much needed features and removing frictions that exist in the product, especially when investigating processes with many threads and Task. By the way this also works when analyzing dumps! I cannot wait to get these improvements into the official build.


Photo by Deepak Rautela on Unsplash

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