I blog about the things that I find most interesting especially as it relates to software development (.NET more specifically) but that really only covers a small portion of my overall technical reading. While I tend to tweet these additional links I continue to be frustrated by the search capabilities of Twitter, and so I am using this series of  Developer Links posts to share my broader technical research and software interests. It has the added personal benefit of enabling me greater control (and search) over my curated work.

Hope you find something interesting!

  • Announcing the Open Sourcing of the .NET Core Runtime and Libraries [Read]
  • The effect of language on software quality [Read]
  • Independence Day - A new pilot program sets people with sight loss free to experience cities like never before [Read]
  • Machine learning in the cloud with Azure ML grants [Read]
  • Why is viewport a meta tag? Good question! [Read]
  • Build C# on Mac OSX [Read]
  • On the use and misuse of patterns [Read]
  • Cross-site Request forgery (CSRF) Prevention Cheat Sheet (double submit cookies) [Read]
  • Job vacancies and STEM skills research [Read]
  • Let’s Encrypt…absolutely everything (free, automated and open) [Read]
  • Internet Explorer Web Dev Support moving to Stack Overflow [Read]
  • Software patents are crumbling, thanks to the Supreme Court [Read]
  • US says it can hack into foreign-based servers without warrants [Read]
  • Microsoft Launches Office Apps for Android Tablets and iPhone, Updates Office for iPad [Read]
  • New Search Strategy for Firefox: Promoting Choice & Innovation [Read]

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