Field Museum, Chicago!

My wife and I had a wonderful week in Chicago we took the opportunity to visit the Field Museum and spent a wonderful couple of hours looking at stuffed animals (sounds bad but was actually very interesting).

Just before we leave we decide to get a bite to eat at the over priced cafeteria. We here shouts from the front of the line. "You want soup ... does anyone want soup?!"

At first we were not sure who was aggressively shout out this petition for potential customers, but knowing my wife's personal love of soup on cold days I knew we were heading toward a confrontation. We get a little closer to the front and we see the source of the voice himself as he jabs a finger in our direction and says "Soup, do YOU want soup!?".

My wife nods an affirmative towards the guy behind the counter and he quickly turns to me "You, what about you?". The place was deathly quiet, I shook my head scared that I may have somehow ruined it for my wife. I was just waiting to hear him shout "NO SOUP FOR YOU!".

What an excellent weekend!!

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