Format War Is Over!

A fascinating announcement by Warner Brothers should ensure the demise of the HD-DVD format and thereby allowing Sony to enjoy its first real format victory. In a move that seems to echo back the historical figure of Benedict Arnold, Warner Brothers has jumped ship from HD-DVD to Blu-Ray!

It was Warner Brothers support of an alternate form to Blu-Ray that started this whole thing in the first place:

In March 2002, the forum voted to approve a proposal endorsed by Warner Brothers. and other motion picture studios that involved compressing HD content onto dual-layer DVD-9 discs.

I must admit that my decision was made when Warner started distributing the Complete Matrix Trilogy in HD DVD format, together with Sony's propensity to lose format wars I thought Blu-Ray would lose for sure. When the triple layer (51Gb) out did the dual layer of the Blu-Ray (50Gb), with almost identical production costs I thought for sure that it was over.

Now that the Matrix will no longer be available on HD-DVD I am on the Blu-Ray band wagon!


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