So I have been using Azure App Services for about a year now and it is incredibly versatile you get to select the exact type of hosting costs that suit you from dev/testing scaling to multi-processor, however, the default costs of certs is always very high. Thankfully there is a site extension for Let’s Encrypt and I have been successfully using to renew certs every three months. It just takes just a few minutes.

The one down side is that it takes a lot of work to wrangle the correct settings from scratch, in fact I flat out failed the second time I tried to do this even though, I thought, I kept impeccable notes. Anyway I found this YouTube channel by Ray’s DevLog and he has great video that lays out the steps for installing free certs on Azure App Services. Its almost perfect!

Anyway I thought I would keep it here as I am bound to need it again in a few months.

Now a recent update required a change to avoid errors with Dashboard Connection strings but aside from that it should work swimmingly!

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