Got a Zune 80

I was desperate to get a Zune 80, my wife was attempting to get the new iPod, which in principle is fine, but I did not want to support opposing audio and video technologies in our house. So after a fruitless search within the Toledo city limits I attempted to go online with the usual suspects (Best buy and Circuit City) and got nothing.

Out of pure desperation I attempted a search on the Walmart sites with a search radius of 100 miles. I called 3 stores with limited stock and one of those stores had a single Zune 80 left. I hopped into my car and 45 minutes later I was purchasing what appeared to be the only Zune 80 for 100 miles.

If Microsoft was betting on Flash devices then I think they made a mistake, I could not justify buying a Zune 8 @ $200 (which you can find everywhere) when the Zune 80 was retailing for $50 more.


Above is my Zune card in PNG form! I found this fascinating site that takes your Zune card and converts it from flash to an image. Really helpful for sites that do not support flash.

Type in the following url:
Change YOURZUNEID to your Zune ID!

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