So this Monday both Scott Hanselman and I planned to discuss some of the changes we have been making to DasBlog, but the meeting quickly upgraded to a public hacking session hosted on Google Hangouts. Hacking in public is like peer programming on steroids, you carefully go over details and ideas and try to pull each other and the onlookers into a coherent narrative about the software you are changing. Speaking extemporaneously is challenging but I feel it is a very important exercise and one that I may use more often at work for sharing information with my team.

We had the opportunity to discuss a basic vision which is to get one of the oldest blogging engines running on ASP.NET Core, and by running I mean you can build and host it on Linux, Mac or Windows. Why I hear you ask? Mostly because we can, but it also provides a great mechanism for learning and discussing a platform that I believe will be important going into the future.

The current Web Forms based DasBlog code will continue to live on, it does need nominal support at least in the short term. However, the MVC Core version of DasBlog has a new home and we will attempt respect the great code that can be pulled forward via the .NET Standard while simultaneously using all the relevant new features of ASP.NET Core.

Check out the YouTube video it mostly goes over the work we have completed so far. Hopefully next time we can focus on some specific issue that we can solve while we get valuable assistance from the community.

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