Holo Lens Development

I try to dive into non-trivial computer interactions that are cost sensitive (like Kinect), so even though the HoloLens is truly fascinating the cost is still prohibitive for me and most of the people I know. That said it is a radically new technology that appears to have some genuine vertical applications that so far include:

The most interesting, by far, of these scenarios was the idea that NASA could use software (called OnSight) to simulate the path that a rover would take on Mars. This simulated 3D environment could then be explored by NASA scientists when imbued with the power of HoloLens hardware. The idea of communicating and transmitting 3D environments appears to be the inspiration for the recently released video (below), Microsoft revealed another potential for HoloLens, as a communication device using a technique now being dubbed Holoportation.

Holoportation is a new type of 3D capture technology that allows high-quality 3D models of people to be reconstructed, compressed and transmitted anywhere in the world in real time. When combined with mixed reality displays such as HoloLens, this technology allows users to see, hear, and interact with remote participants in 3D as if they are actually present in the same physical space. Communicating and interacting with remote users becomes as natural as face-to-face communication.

Interesting idea, here is a video showing off the communication potential:

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