How Do I? ASP.NET Videos

Up until now I have turned my metaphoric back on AJAX for 2 reasons. Firstly we use Peter Blum controls at work which cover, more than adequately, 90 % of the use cases we encounter with our clients. So JavaScript validation continues to be something we do not concentrate on or worry about. Secondly I thought that I would have to get more familiar with Java Script, which was absolutely incorrect. I will not rant here about why I hate JavaScript development, except to say if I had a IDE I would be more receptive.

I have been summarily ignoring a couple of training opportunities provided at work until recently and I have to say that I am completely on board with AJAX, in fact I am now wondering why we are using Peter Blum controls at all? but I digress...

I was given this list of wonderful "How do I?" videos that step you through how to get started, from the point of downloading and installation all the way to making your own AJAX control kit. 

These videos are a must see!

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