In my last post I mentioned the Windows Experience Index (WEI) on my HP Pavillion DV6000 notebook was 2.2. As I wrote it struck me that it seemed to be awfully low. In fact it dawned on me that I had checked this WEI on the same machine in Circuit City and it was 3.1! I went back to the store and confirmed that I actually purchased the right model, and that I had not somehow been tricked into purchasing a lower model. After being convinced that the model numbers matched I decided to give HP support a call which is where this story gets interesting.

Now I know I should have low expectation of level 1 tech support but considering I have been developing and supporting software solutions for almost 10 years I need to feel someone is as talented and committed (tooting my own horn) as me! So I get through all the initial tell all of the meeting and this guy actually has no idea what Windows Experience Index is! I try to explain that this is a part of the Vista OS and that it is not actually a separate program for which I can supply a version number. After being left on hold for about 10 minutes he comes back finally convinced that I am actually telling the truth.

After about another 10 minutes of waiting he gets back on the phone and lets me know that there is an known issue with HP machines and the Vista OS' ability to detect the correct Index for various components. I was this close to sending my machine back after what amounted to a great first day. If I do not see an update for this issue soon, I still might!

"You can learn from anyone even your enemy." - Ovid

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