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My Alltel contract finally allowed me to start looking at alternative phones and I settled on the HTC Touch. So far it is a very good phone, I now potentially have access to Email, IM and Web browsing whenever I chose. The touch screen interface is really easy to configure and use, and I have had no real issue writing brief texts to people. In fact I am already faster using the 'XT9' (Touch Keypad) than I was using my previous phone of 2 years. While I cannot imagine wanting to write a full email, for IM and text this phone is more than adequate.

images My wife and I have successfully ported our contacts to our new phones, I am aware there are several services that can do this, but I opted to simply import everything into the Live service cloud (using Windows Live Mail) and then logging into Live Messenger brings the contacts to the phone. I am not sure I will need to complete any Active Sync at all as I have a data plan that makes pulling down updates to contacts and calendars a breeze.

My main complaint is an echo of the oft repeated issue with Windows Mobile, once you get into core Windows Mobile setup it is not really geared to a Touch screen with the fingers, and you are subsequently forced to get out the stylus. Thankfully that is not something I have to worry all the time.

Overall I feel I have been introduced to a new world of freedom from the desktop\laptop. I have always opted to bring my laptop with me for overnight trips now I feel much more comfortable just taking my phone! My next step is to find and maybe even write a cool application for the WM6. I am really interested in knowing what is going on in the Apple universe.

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