IE7 after the first day

I still like it ... I really do. In my last post I wanted to be able to import my feed list from FeedReader, after a quick export of the OPML file, importing to IE7 was really easy.

I found this step-by-step process for backing up\importing feed lists to\from an OPML file in IE7:

- Click on the Add button (the star and plus button next to the Favorites Center button -- Alt-Z is the keyboard shortcut).
- Click on Import and Export in the menu.
- In the wizard, select Export\Import Feeds from the list of options and click Next (You will need to export a list from you current aggregator)
- Select where you would like to (put\get) the file to be import.
- Finish up the wizard.

Upon installing it the second time I also noticed that I agreed to install the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool. A vision of a Microsoft Tool used to detect malicious Microsoft software sprung to mind. Software originating from the same company rejecting itself as malicious ... maybe not but how hilarious would that be?!

Also be advised that this new version is set to be forced down our throats as automated update. While this may be fine for most casual users it is important to realize that many companies may want significant testing before letting this IE7 lose in the wild. Microsoft has provided a toolkit to stop the automatic delivery of IE7.

"My pessimism extends to the point of even suspecting the sincerity of the pessimists." - Jean Rostand

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