In Portland ... again!

I had quite an uneventful trip, what made it actually bearable was a combination of my Zune and my laptop. My wife and I listened to music and read the whole time, with a slight pause to watch the Matrix.

I read a book and a half during the trip. I read the first book, Beat Texas Hold 'em, pretty quickly. During the pokers scenes of Maverick and Casino Royale I was completely in the dark on what appeared to be a tense stand off, where Maverick and James Bond defied the odds. So I thought I would fix that obvious gap in my knowledge.

The second book, Democracy Matters by Professor Cornel West, is certainly not light reading. It really challenges my present thoughts on the effects of free markets, and the way the winners of World War II molded the current world stage. It sometimes reads like a sermon but I am completely engrossed by his style of writing.

The low point of the flight was being charged $5 for snacks, rather high I think!

I will take quite a good look at the Portland area as a potential place to live, and hopefully get to the beaches and the mountains!

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