I recently committed changes to dasBlog that would allow Disqus comments to work on individual posts and on main the page where multiple posts may be rendered, the main issue to overcome was the use of a single set of global variables in the Disqus JavaScript SDK.

Thankfully, Facebook comment integration is much more straightforward, you include the following JavaScript SDK on your page once, ideally right after the opening tag, for dasBlog that means in the homeTemplate.blogtemplate.

You then need to place div tag where you intend your comments to appear (in itemTemplate.blogtemplate), again this does not use JavaScript variables, rather, the custom data attributes available as part of the HTML5 spec. You simply point the <%permalinkurl%> Macro of each post to the data-href property as follows and the JavaScript does the rest:

Really simple, in fact I would love to see this same type integration in Disqus to be honest.

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