Lenovo Yoga 13

With all the love being shown to Surface, I wanted to take the opportunity to laud a product I have been watching for a while, the Lenovo Yoga 13! There are many great reviews out there and so I will keep mine really brief and only include what I believe to be the most pertinent points…

  • It cold boots in less than 8 seconds (even after I installed all my developer tools).
  • The four laptop modes advertised by Lenovo are legitimately useful.
  • The touch screen is impeccable.
  • Windows 8 becomes all it was meant to be with a touch capable screen.


UPDATE: My one complaint after a few weeks in is the size (128gb) and configuration of the hard drive. It wastes almost 30 precious gigs on Lenovo software backups that only account for about 4gb, it is some what of a task to configure the disk for basic use. My advice is is to get a large SD card to suppliment your hard disk needs.

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