I have been reviewing Live Mesh recently and simultaneously helping my wife synch information between her notebook and PC, my music workstation and the cloud. There are a couple of things that I think need additional polish (interface for synching any folders) but overall it is doing a good job of replacing the functions of FolderShare Live Sync.


I had heard rumor that there were a few fortunate folk who have added there Windows Mobile phones to the Mesh after successfully downloading and installing the Live Mesh software. Unfortunately when I installed the software I was politely informed that it could not add my phone to the mesh.

Coincidentally I had recently tried to sign up for the Tech Preview of Azure, I actually thought it might be fun to try and develop a couple of apps that relied on Azure Cloud services we have been hearing so much about. Almost immediately after signing up for Azure I was able to add my phone to the mesh and I have been happily synching my pictures and documents from my phone to my Live Desktop.

So if you have a Windows Mobile phone and often lament the lack of automated synching to the cloud or your desktop try:

1. Sign up for the Azure Tech preview.
2. Download and install Live Mesh to your mobile device: http://m.mesh.com.

Your mileage may vary, this may have been a pure coincidence, but this worked for me!


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