Well I am officially an MCP and after taking the exam I am forced to ask "What was I thinking". Now my up front costs were a minimum just because Corillian is extremely generous with its training budget. However, I do wonder if this was more of an exercise in memory rather than setting a standard for a developer. Please do not get me wrong I am not sure that I have the answer to ... "how do you tell who has an appropriate level of experience?", but I do not believe examinations are not the way! I think my experience level is infinitely more useful to a potential employer.

I trained using the Transcender kit so I currently have the ability to continue on to MCAD. This may or may not happen at this point, I am not convinced at the effectiveness of Transcender. They basically give 150 sample questions  per exam, and web references to MSDN. I passed so I cannot complain to much, but it seems that what they are saying is the answers to the questions are on the Microsoft web site ... go look for yourself ... and you owe us $700.

I have lost my mojo for examinations, I have been studying for a couple of weeks solid and may just need a rest.

"Knowledge without justice ought to be called cunning rather than wisdom." - Plato

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