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When windows phone first came out I was one of the first developers to release my apps into the Marketplace. However, that early adoption and release came at an unfortunate design price, as at the time there were very few compelling and diverse examples of the Metro design style. There were several documents that described the inspiration and source for the Metro styling, however, my personal design background did no really help me to absorb and translate that into a compelling application.

I compiled a list of my favorite WP7 metro styled apps in the Marketplace, specifically ones that have used the design framework in a unique and interesting way. Some of them skirt closely to the edge of the “Metroness” but none the less remain true to its core. While reviewing the apps consider the following ideas closely:

  • Font is critically important
  • Spacing can make or break the app
  • Panorama view lends itself to intuitive motion
  • Lists can include almost any object (picture, text, links) in vertical or horizontal
  • Do not be afraid of color Smile

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