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When I signed up for the Microsoft My Phone service I thought “this might be pretty cool”. Backup all my critical phone data, contacts, pictures etc. Once I got past the the initial sign up and slow beta rollout process, I was greeted by a 200MB storage limitation, what is this 1997? … I have a 2GB memory card! I also have 25GB of SkyDrive space in the cloud, why the artificial restrictions.


As my data began to Synch it then became clear that this service only cares about what is actually stored on the main memory of my phone, it completely ignores everything about the memory card. I am not sure about other mobile OS’ but for Windows Mobile Phones storing anything in the main memory makes no sense as it will be completely lost if you have to upgrade or even reinstall the operating system and there tends not to much to space to spare.

So exactly what got backed up on my phone? Text messages, and a few jpegs that are included in the default installation. Even my contacts are stored on the memory card. I think my back up strategy will continue to be a mixture of Live Messenger Mobile (for contacts) and Live Mesh (for everything else).

UPDATE: There is an option to include storage cards, reinstalling this application… Live Mesh is still better I can sink photos and videos directly to my PC.

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