I am sure everyone has read about Microsoft’s upcoming acquisition of Nokia Devices and Services division. This move is specifically designed to help with the struggle to become a viable third mobile ecosystem.

VoltronThis move actually reminds me of the storyline of almost every episode of Voltron. Some implacable foe would roll into the galaxy on wheels of destruction, meanwhile the  Aqua Fighter (Sea Team), Turbo Terrain Fighter (Land Team), and The Strato Fighter (Air Team) would be dispatched separately to deal with said foe. Each would be defeated soundly and then come to inevitable conclusion that all vehicles need to be combined to form the mighty Voltron!

Ok, so this is how cartoon anime works but in real life mergers and acquisitions do not necessarily work so smoothly. There will be losses, as redundant positions are eliminated, and folks opt for greener pastures (Designer Marko Ahtisaari will leave in November).

The cohesiveness of Nokia\Microsoft in its existing form did manage to make Nokia a clear choice in multiple markets across the globe. Will this amalgamation of struggling mobile companies succeed in this combined venture? only time will tell.

PS. There are also rumors that MS could purchase BlackBerry, while I highly doubt that, if it did happen it would create a huge mobile company and maybe even one Ready to form Voltron!

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