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So I saw the updates from Apple, and I must say I am very impressed with the new iTouch, which appears to be a full fledged gaming system now. I am also loving the look of the Genius play list concept. My only issue with the iTouch as a gaming platform is the lack of buttons. I no it has an accelerometer but I am doubting I want to complete a game with a Touch screen.

The following video shows how you are provided with a list a new songs (not necessarily a play list) that you may find interesting based on your listening habits and some fuzzy logic found in the cloud.

Also the other big Zune update is the ability to search for songs wireless directly from the Zune Media Player, all you need is a WiFi hot spot and you can search and purchase songs from the Zune Marketplace. My only concern here is whether they make it obvious that the song you are purchasing is DRM free. Obviously this point is moot if you are Zune Pass subscriber.


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