I was an early adopter for Windows 8, I used prerelease version, Windows 8 and am now happily on Windows 8.1. While I am successfully negotiating the the hybrid operating systems my non technical family continue to struggle with what they saw as standard operations under Windows 7 (printing, scanning, etc). Just yesterday I watched as a relative struggled to print from the modern version of Internet Explorer just because that was the version Windows 8 presented in that scenario.

My sincere advise to Microsoft is that the next release of Windows should be context sensitive. If I am using a mouse allow me the benefit of the highly efficient and speedy desktop mode, especially if I have not a single  touch enabled device attached. If I am on a touch centric device with no mouse feel free to foist onto to my experience all the advantages of the Metro UI family, along with its well intentioned Metro offspring (IE, Photos, Mail, etc).

As it currently stands I am forced to either teach folks two ways to work or reject the Modern/Metro way entirely and simply make the desktop experience (with it desktop shortcuts and the pinned tasks bar) the only valid choice.

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