I was watching NBA greatest games, Detroit vs Chicago. MJ went for 47 points and while I really enjoyed the game and the trip down memory lane I realized something was missing. MJ is still the greatest ball player I have ever seen, Joe Dumars was as classy and smooth as ever, Dennis Rodman was the hustle and rebound king, so what was it that was missing in the game. Then it hit me ... STATS!

I have grown so use to a steady stream of constant information on every single player. Not just team field goal and free throw percentage, but shot selections, and where a particular player hit and miss shots. Even the color commentators did not seem to have all the information that we have just grown a custom to hearing. Today we seem inundated with stats, and information, we can Twitter our lives away if we choose. Seemingly useless pieces of information are available for everyone to consume.

I prefer the NBA of yesteryear but I must admit I love my stats. I wanted to see how much MJ averaged vs every defender he faced on the pistons, and what he was averaging against the pistons during the 1989 regular season ... to 2 decimal places.

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." - Oscar Wilde

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