NFC Ring

I have been aware of Nokia’s NFC Windows Phone app for a while, it allows you to read/write to any standard NFC tag (most platforms have equivalent apps). You can easily create NFC tags to launch applications, check-in to places, update social statuses, or even make phone calls by simply waiving your phone over the programmed tag.

More recently I happened upon an interesting implementation of the NFC tech in a Kickstarter project called NFC Ring. The NFC Ring is not just fascinating, but it also appears to have a much broader appeal and application due to its practical use of a ring, and the implementation of a private and public tag.

Unlock your Smart phone or tablet

Now when you take your phone out of your pocket just slide your hand under and the NFC Ring will unlock it. It couldn't be more simple! The NFC Ring comes with two inlays, public and private so you can keep private information as private as you want.

Want to be able to use your ring to open your house?

No problem. Just grab yourself an NFC enabled door lock install it and your NFC Ring will work with it.

Share & Transfer information

You can use your NFC Ring to share Wifi information, links to websites, links to pictures, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be passed securely to your friends smartphones and tablets.

You can also use your NFC Ring to start apps with custom settings(parameters) which makes it a really easy way to personalize the app experience to match your ring.

No charging required

The NFC Ring never needs charging, ever.

The following is the Kickstarter video:


MSN Video released a video demonstrating how the device works in specific practical scenarios.

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