Places like YouTube and Yahoo Video provide more than just the ability to show off home video bloopers and people getting immortalized by doing silly things. They are also provide a rich set of instructional videos for the weekend home improvement warrior.

Yesterday I was forced to replace our mail box and was looking for instructions on how to complete the task on the web, however, every time I found a to do list my eyes glazed over and I could not concentrate :P It was then that I stumbled across this step-by-step video that saved my postal life.

To be sure they took a non to subtle opportunity to advertise the company they worked for, but it seemed like a small price to pay to actually watch someone complete the task that I was completely clueless on. I could then decide, based on what I saw, whether to continue or pay someone to help.

I think a video search of instruction videos will now precede all my DIY tasks!

"Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness." - Sigmund Freud

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