Starting a new job is always challenging, it can also be a rejuvenating and humbling experience. Starting over requires you, in many cases, to begin the process of building precious domain knowledge, and this process requires deliberate practice and repetition … at least that the way I remember it happening the last time two times. It has been over nine years since I had to do this and so I wanted to document the things I try to remind myself everyday.

  • There are no stupid questions … except the ones you can Google for yourself.
  • You understand how to solve problems. You know how to learn. This is really valuable to your new company.
  • There is no substitute for hard work. None!
  • Patience is critical.
  • Learning a complex system is a series of small battles, and you will need to call for backup often. Use your well honed intuition to figure out when to pause fighting and get help.

Finally, try not to take it personally that everyone seems to be really busy, like all the all time, this is probably why they hired you in the first place. Make deliberate attempts to corner the resources who can help you, do this via a regular Outlook appointment if necessary, but it is in everyone's best interest for you to have productive access to the richest deposits of tribal knowledge.

Your goal is to be marginally less useless than you were yesterday. Do that enough times and eventually you will become a success! :)

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