I have argued for a long time that tablets are a reductive technology, not just for direct consumers, but  specifically when it comes to programming against the OS, in this regard most Mobile OS’es take on the form of an appliance, that is, more utility than platform. This is clearly not the case for Windows 10, which is a genuine platform with multiple programming layers, from which you can complete the creation and publication cycle.

I thought yesterdays announcement concerning Swift Playgrounds on the iPad was the most significant for budding developers because it provides a great opportunity to be exposed to coding at an early age. Check out this video:

You do not genuinely run the apps against the underlying OS, but the code is semantically valid and be exported to a Mac for further development. It really is about getting people started with coding, and its layout and themes appear to have a very clear teaching and education angle. Swift Playgrounds will be available for the iPad this fall.

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