Reading for the Web

I get a ton of information from web, from news sites, social networks and of course blogs like my own. One of the things that has been grating my poor nerves recently is the swift decline in my ability to quickly discern the content of these aforementioned sites. The following image is from the site Mashable, and I have purposefully took the screen shot after the popups and flash ads have slid into and out of my view.


Now I am not complaining about ads I am complaining about page layout and the awkward flow of the reading experiences. Look at any modern magazine worth its salt and great care is taken in the layout, there is a plethora of annoying ad pages in between, but the reading experience puts the font and the flow at a premium. I do not want to search for the title or even the content itself I just need to start reading. in the above example the drive to get me to look at other articles appears more important than the content on the page that I navigated to. Books and magazines have been around for a long time and have perfected the simplicity of reading and I would really like these sites  to focus on readability, usability and simplicity.

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