Search Engine Optimization Basics

So you have created a new blog or perhaps a website for selling your home made cakes, and now you want Google (or Bing) to notice you. The following represents the lowest hanging fruit for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Meta Description Tags

In order to index the web search engines use crawlers to check for updates to the web. The first step is ensuring that your site is describing itself accurately when the spiders come knocking. The first step is to ensure that your meta data tags describe your site appropriately.

title – Displays a title for the page in search-engine results
keywords – Define appropriate keywords that people can use for your content, Google can help with that.
description – Self explanatory, just come up with a good description for your content.


H1 Tags

A h1 tag is an indicator of what the page content is about. Search engine crawlers use the h1 tag, which is almost as important as the title tag, as a major component for determining page relevancy to given keyword(s). The h1 tag reinforces the core keyword(s) that are found in the title and description tags, which improves page relevancy and search engine ranking. You can use as many h1 tags as you like, however, it is generally more appropriate to use only one.

Alternate Text Tags for Images

Search engine crawlers rely on text (obviously), and the actual images provide little information to the index process. The image alt attribute provides alternative information for the image and this information is directly relevant to the search process (also highly useful for folks who use screen readers).

Tell The Search Engines

If your site is new it is likely that Google does not even know you exist you can check this by entering a site search ( Both Google and Bing will give you the option to submit your site so that the web crawlers can be directed more specifically, although they would find you eventually.

Links to your site

To continue to improve your ranking it is important for other sites to reference you via links. If you own other sites or are on social networks you should use the opportunity to link those locations to your new site. The more trusted sources that reference your site the better.

Of course the best strategy is just about having great content, that will always get you noticed!

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