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With the growing number of work from home video calls I have been keeping an eye on my network connectivity. I am unfortunately mostly wireless and I was recently relying on a single wireless router to bring 100Mbps to my home. Unfortunately the attenuation of the signal meant that the throughput cut down by almost 80% on the opposite side of the house. My office is about half the houses distance from the wireless router and this has been adequate but in reality I need every bit of my bandwidth.

I had heard about Mesh as the preferred mechanism for wireless system, which is a network made up of multiple nodes. The problem was that every blog and article I read had me convinced this was non trivial to setup.

AiMesh Wi-Fi System AX6100 RT-AX92U 2 pack

I did happen upon the AiMesh Wi-Fi System AX6100 RT-AX92U 2 pack, and while a little expensive, it has so far turned out to be simple to setup and provides me with 100% coverage throughout my entire house. It provides you with two nodes that can support a backhaul of 4084Mbps. I can seamlessly move around my home and the mesh figures out which node is best serves me without interruption. Feels like magic and freedom.

Honestly I would prefer to be hardwired but that is not going to happen for me, also it took about 20 minutes to setup which included unboxing and connecting devices (The Android app makes it super easy).

At this point the bottle neck is my provider which caps me at 100 up and 10 down, however, I am seeing people support than 1Gbps up and down. Highly recommended!

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