I was sent an email today that briefly described a job that I thought might be useful for a close friend. This email contained basic information on the job description, location, pay etc ... normal job listing kinda stuff. As I use Gmail email I was given a couple of ads suggesting that I also go for a job or two, and a Map this option.

At first I thought this was useful and harmless enough, until I started to look at the fact that Google was looking into my email and trying to take out information that was relevant to anything it owns. This might be fine as a long as it did not store that kind of information permanently?!

Wrong! Google is storing it ... in fact it stores every single query I have done in Google Search History. Imagine my surprise as I was able to review every query I have run in Google since January of this year. Which coincidentally was the time that I decided to sign up for more Google services. The definition of free email service has just changed for me.

They do provide you with the ability to pause and even switch off the service I am just wondering if they will still be collecting the data somewhere. I did not realize that I need to assume someone else is actually capable of reading my emails, searches, and spreadsheets. Google is still the darling of the press but I think, just one mistake with this kind of information could be quite bad on public relations. AOL is still reeling from its little information snafu.

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