SQL to XSD Data type mapping

I am not sure what it is with developers but every single employer I have worked for seems to present me with another opportunity to fix legacy code with a conversion issue. Several weeks ago I was faced with a late Friday night Long (Big INT) to INT conversion ... sigh. I am not sure if there is some misplaced desire to save disk space or the maybe another specific design rational in using the smallest types available.

Anyway, I realized that I need to modify the XSD's associated with exposed methods in order to support the larger data type requirements, but I also needed to quickly jog my memory on the names of XSD types and how they relate to SQL data types ... too many languages ... too many types.

SQL Type XSD type Type restrictions
BigInt xsd:long  
Binary xsd:base64Binary  
Bit xsd:boolean  
Char xsd:string  
Decimal xsd:decimal  
TimeStamp xsd:base64Binary


You can find a complete list here.

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