Let me be succinct, wearable tech just is not ready, let us use history to illustrate.

Cast your mind back to 2001 and Microsoft is getting ready to release its first tablet (yep I said 2001), and this device was simply atrocious. Slow, expensive, awful UX, the bad technology trifecta. It took a full 9 years for the release of the iPad, which is universally considered the first tablet with commercial success and appeal.

As far as wearable tech is concerned it looks like 2001 all over again and I remain completely uninterested (in Google Glass, Smart Watch). Creating and developing a wearable UX is a non-trivial task and so I am glad someone is forging ahead. However, I am waiting patiently on the sidelines for a company to create that really compelling item that I did not know I needed.

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