The Zune HD Tax

I recently purchased the a Zune HD, and may I immediately say this is simply the most compelling and interesting touch screen interface that I have ever used on any device. They spent a lot of time on this device and it just oozes cool. With all the coverage on the device I am really going to spare you the wonder tour but I will say this, if you are not entrench in the world of iTunes DRM and you want a great music\video player, this is the device for you.

There are a couple of draw backs. First trying to watch videos anywhere but indoors is almost impossible, I am assured this activity is only slightly less painful on the iPod Touch. Secondly the device is only currently available in 16/32gb. This is primarily because the industry has turned to the flash drives, which have only recently started make significant strides in capacity.

Part of the appeal of the Zune HD are the graphics one enjoys when playing music, you also are always a couple of touches away from a full artist bio, photos or complete a discography. This comes at a significant price, what I would like to call the Zune HD tax.

When I synch all my music to my Zune 80 I end up consuming 17.96gb, unfortunately when I synch the same “music” to my Zune HD it takes up 21.15gb. It is certainly worth the 15% tax on the flash drive space but this seems to be more evidence that we need a 64gb version of Zune HD. You also have no way to turn off this feature as far as I can tell.

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