The Zune is mine!

So my wife finally got me the Zune! I must say that I am totally impressed! I am now in the position to carry my entire body of music with me all the time. Complete musical freedom! The video quality is really impressive, I did not think that I would be able to enjoy watching anything that small, but the quality is fantastic.

The Zune community\social feature (aka wireless file sharing) sounds really cool but should not be a reason to buy the Zune yet. Simply put, there are too few Zune's around right now for this feature to be great. As I searched for Zune's in various locations I was in today, I realized that having a Zune, right now, must be very much like having the first telephone, really cool idea but its a party that needs lots of guest.

The upside is that I know several people with Zune's and being able to send them music I have created on a limited and controlled basis is really attractive.

As for the Zune Marketplace, I will only purchase DRM-less music and that means CDs for me!

"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself." - Andre Gide

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